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awnsome javascript plugins

This days, iam working on a JavaScript project,the main function is make a page to share something through email, so I need to learn the logic from gmail, outlook, or yahoo mail. The major difficult is the receiver input box, I need to get address book from backend and search from the address book as the user type in any char.
On github, I found a good jQuery plugin named tokenInput,it can search and show results in drop down list when you are typing, and can send all the selected items to backend as the form submitted.
Here is the homepage :


The second plugin is used to do the pagination work., you can customize it with options , and you can add awesome animations just with a little words. You can use it and config it easily.It’s also a jQuery plugin.
Here is the homepage:


Next plugin is also an jQuery plugin, it’s name is lazyload. It can speed up page loading by delaying images load process, you can just load images with is in the vision and load other images when needed. You can determine the time images being loaded by setting a parameter, you can even trigger the loading progress by self defined events.
Here is the homepage:


The fourth plugin is named jStorage, it is library agnostic, it works well with any other JavaScript library on the same webpage, be it jQuery, Prototype, MooTools or something else. As it’s name, it is used to store datas using JavaScript instead of browser cookies, you know the limit of cookies and wold love to use this plugin.
Here is the homepage: